Your premium desk for Cryptocurrency Trading

Would you want a low risk investment with 30% to 90% rate return by 1 year?


Get started by simply register here. You will then be assigned a service manager, he/ she will contact you after the KYC process is done.


To become an OTC client you must go through the secured VirgBlock onboarding process, obtaining the highest level of verification, to enable large transactions. All OTC clients are required to provide various types of documentation such as a Government ID, Proof of Residence and Proof of Income. This is also to comply with the regulator KYC and AML process.


Once you are on boarded, your dedicated service manager will contact you via whatsapp or email. Please double check your junk mailbox incase you do not get one email. Open up a line of communication, via chat, text or voice call about your preferred trade. It doesn’t have to be long, you can simply say:

You: “I would like to buy 100 Bitcoin.”

Our Trader: “we shall be able to find you a seller that sell 100 BTC at a price of $9,000 USD per Bitcoin.”

Confirm trading

You choose whether you wish to buy at the price offered. If you agree, the trade is confirmed, VirgbBock will verify if the seller is having the said assets. Buyer and seller will exchange the deposit address(either fiat bank account or crypto wallet address) through VirgBlock.

Buyer will wire the funds to an escrow or seller’s bank account. Or seller may transfer the crypto asset to the escrow.

Complete trading

Seller will transfer the crypto asset to buyer and funds will be released to seller.

Escrow Services

If you would like to have escrow service, we will assist to arrange for an escrow transaction. Please note that fees may apply to escrow services. Both buyer or seller may request for escrow services to secure the transactions.